Informative Workshops

When one hears the word Entrepreneurship we form a standard image of people with well - reasoned ideas working relentlessly on their ideas and an entrepreneurship cell also brings to mind a society which provides a platform to such individuals. Here, at ECell NSUT, we take initiatives to hone students entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. At the same time we guide students about various competitive exams they can take in the future and help them towards being smart thinkers and to give their careers a successful direction.Through our network we conduct various informative sessions to guide students about their future options that they can choose from. We collabrate with esteemed institutes to brief students about the various skills required to crack an aptitude exam and help clear all their doubts about GATE, GRE, GMAT, and other such competitive exams.

Case Study Sessions

At every stage of the career, students are put in a position to tackle a case study and often face difficulty to approach a case study. eCell NSUT, provides platform where we inform and guide the college students, in order to tackle the case study, which would help them in future. We organize a Case Study Week, wherein we post different methods to solve a case study and explain them through pointers and graphics, give them example of case study and provide solutions to it.This would enhance their skill to solve the crisis of the case study.College students become a part of our Case study week and by the end of it they become thorough with all the methods to solve a case study and would be able to tackle the crisis.

Skill development sessions

For an entrepreneur not just coming up with an idea but also pitching that idea is very important. Without pitching your idea or product would not get the required investments.We here at, eCell NSUT organises skill development interactive session.We enlighten the college students about the importance of pitching, the right way of pitching and also guide them on how formal pitching are done for their idea/product.These session would sharpen speaking as well presenting skills of students and help them grow into an appealing personality.

Entrepreneurship talk sessions

Being an Entrepreneurship Cell, our main objective would be to help the students find an entrepreneur within themselves and give them a direction for their future. In order to serve the purpose, eCell NSUT, organise sessions about entrepreneurship where we discuss startup ideas with all the startup enthusiasts. We motivate the college student to go ahead and create an idea of their own and help them in implementation of their ideas.Our alumnis and even the faculty guide the college students in execution of their ideas and provide them a right direction to become a successful entrepreneur.