An entrepreneur's mind is in the perpetual grind to achieve the most innovative yet simple and creative solution to even the most exhausting issues out there. Each entrepreneur goes through an arduous journey in order to achieve the resilient mindset and the acumen required in the real world. The Entrepreneurship Cell, NSUT aims to promote this very notion by preparing budding entrepreneurs and giving them a head start through our annual affair, popularly known as DEC- Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge.

DEC, the brainchild of ECell NSUT, offers the ground for likeminded enthusiasts to indulge in regular skill enhancing activities including group discussions, case studies, etc. to elucidate the dislimn of horrors of commencing something different and ingenious. We believe that entrepreneurship isn't convoluted, the only stipulation is to embark on the expedition along with adherence, hard work, devotion and insight to get the desired output.

DEC has a total of 25 tasks that the teams would have to perform in their colleges, and online, whatever suits them best. Each task would have some points related to it, and proper submission would make the team eligible for those points. Also, certain tasks would require an on-campus round, and therefore, they must be performed accordingly. Each event will contain a description, the submission pattern, and the point system. At the end, total point would be calculated according to the submissions. Top 8 performing teams would battle it out during the final on campus round during The Entrepreneurship Summit 2020.

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