You'll be surprised to know how little shift in companies causes overwhelming benefits for some and inevitable losses for many. Experience this random nature of the stock world within the walls of NSUT campus. Introducing the mock stock event of eCell NSUT - "Invest-o-preneur" on 7th of February 2020 in our annual entrepreneurial fest E-Summit. Remember The cybertruck fiasco? it leads to dropping of stocks for Telsa, but then with the power of marketing and strategizing they rose to betterment in no time. One of its kind finance events, Invest-o-Preneur gives you the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Stock market trader and put your analytical and investing abilities to test.

PRELIMINARY ROUND An online round wherein participants have to analyse and identify the best assets to invest in. The case will be released on 6th January 2020 Deadline for submission: 19th January 2020

ON-CAMPUS ROUND The top shortlisted teams would be called for campus round. More rounds to be revealed when you visit us on the 7th of February!

Rules and Regulations: Participation is allowed in teams comprising of a maximum of 4 members. Lone wolves are most welcomed. Cross college teams are allowed.

In case of further queries, mail us at or contact the undersigned.
Abhishek: 9312205334
Lakshay: 9811388936
Hritesh: 9818794003