Speaker Session

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” And to take forward this idea and help many other young students with the common dream, eCell NSUT organises its annual flagship event - Esummit. It's an entrepreneurship fest of NSUT in which various events and activities have organized that aim towards inculcating a sense of teamwork and practicality of being an entrepreneur. And to ignite the fire within you, and guide you about the various forms in the life of a leader, we invite various speakers to our Esummit. Eminent entrepreneurs talk about their journey, challenges they faced along the way and how they managed to beat the odds. E-summit NSUT is proud to present the speakers who have visited in the past years:- 1. Sanchit Sethi (StayUncle, Founder) 2. Bhagesh manglani(Delivery, Founder) 3. Dinesh Homogai (Wow Momo's, VP) 4. Ajay Srivastav (Oyo rooms, Ex - CTO) ...and many more. We invite you to our speaker session as an esteemed speaker whose presence for the event will help us in imparting wisdom and knowledge to all the students.