What is ESummit?

Entrepreneurship Summit is the brainchild of E-Cell, NSUT. Aiming at inculcation and development the very spirit of entreneurship, eCell NSUT comes up with its annual affair to stir an essence of teamwork and synergy in the masses. We believe that, for the students to develop in an all around manner, it becomes absolutely imperative to concoct them for the competitive corporate world.

Comedy Night

What else can be a better way to reward yourself after a successful event than to be a part of comedy night. But being a humourist is not trivial. It is a responsibility for the said jester to be the silver lining one may have had thought they never had. Behind that facade, is the person still as jubilant and bright? Lend a ear to not just their art, but the life of the artist in our comedy night. So, brace yourself to get your funny bone tickled! Come over to witness a hilarious performance at E-summit NSUT.

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10minutes , 10 teams, millions at stake and infinite enthusiasm.

Persuading an investor is the first step to execute a plan. With only 10 precious minutes in hand and the clock ticking, not everyone is able to get an affirmative result. Instaseed- The one stop where startups geared up to achieve the ever elusive financial backing worth 10 Million in 10 Minutes.



The Perfect Manager

Bellwether: The Perfect Manager is an game designed to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think outside the box. Get your blood pumping by participating in an event unlike any other and battle the odds to emerge victorious!As the name suggests, this game is prescribed for all those who believe that their managerial skills are up to the par to battle it out in an intellectually stimulating environment.


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win Championships

E-cell NSUT finds great honor in organising Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge, DEC, significant part of E-Summit, a baroque festival for ambitious, skillful geniuses who with their managerial knack carry the potential to establish revolutionary startups. DEC consists of plethora of challenging tasks released by us to promote the ideology of Entrepreneurship and growth of Ecells and Entrepreneural boards/clubs all across Delhi, working as a squad, gaining maturity and experiences along the way, uphill battling to make it to the on campus rounds to win the ultimate title and marvelous prizes.



The case study competition

A tinge of MUN amalgamated with the wondrous concept of entrepreneurship is what the event was all about. Entering into the shoes of a company owner, one had to deal with the problems arising with different countries in a strategic way. Global Strategy- A crossdisciplinary contest of ‘global’ proportions.

Startup Combat

Pitch the best to beat the rest

The startling event which will test creativity, feasibility and originality while detangling your entrepreneurial skills to awaken the entrepreneur within you! Startup Combat- A battle of the Startups worth 10 Million in 10 Minutes.



Bid it to Win it

The key to making money in stocks is not to get intimidated by them. This competition provides that very opportunity to participants to be fearless and to step in the shoes of an investor to face the wrath of the ever and suddenly changing market conditions and thereby, showcasing their financial awareness, along with the knowledge of portfolio management.

Panel Discussion

An idea stands futile unless it is talked upon, discussion stands null if it's not worked upon.

And This February, eCell NSUT, brings a Platform to convocate for you all - Panel Discussion, through the series of the event called- E-Summit. It's not Arnab, the times now guy, shouting all over, that you want to hear from, but it would definitely be our prestigious and talented pool of speakers who will give their insights to the audience and discuss the collaboration of their ideas and their industry's reality for all. Those who participate and attend the Panel discussion will not only gain important insights from the people with actual business acumen but would also have an edge with those whom they wish to compete within the future.


Speaker Session

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Informative, engaging and, most of all, extremely inspiring speaker sessions .

Informal Events

Take break from mundane formalness , come be the informal you

Formality is not everyone's cup of tea. Sophistication and flips do not lie in everyone's appeal radius. Hence, to quench the entrepreneurial thirst of the fun loving squad, eSummit, 2017 will hosted an exquisite amalgamation of both in its Informal Event. A slew of fun-filled events – Selfie Jugaad, Minute To Win It, Beg Borrow Steal and more.



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